10 March 2011

Number twenty two

Hilarity ensues when The 3 Non Joggers attempt to land the host of "Never Not Funny" podcast, Jimmy Pardo, as a guest. Gary the Vale finally figures out Twitter (a bit too well), and CTM threatens to leave the show.


  1. Gary - Has no one told you that cell phones are not about making phone calls? Imagine how much you'd be able to tweet and Facebook during the show with a smartphone!

    Also, it sounds like you need to compare running music playlists with Ray over at the Geeks in Running Shoes podcast...

  2. if you guys ever figure out this podcast thing, you'll be unstopable

  3. My people, I know you aren't into this "having a website" thing, but could you please make a little list here of the podcasts you recommended? I seriously used to listen to back episodes of This American Life during long runs. I hated myself then. Unsurprisingly.

  4. I just got a chance to listen to this. Thanks for the race plug and I look forward to joining you guys for a podcast at some point :)

    this year the top 10 guys were all under 4 hours and Geoff Roes set a new CR - 3:42!!! Ellie Greenwood set a new womens record at 4:11! AMAZING!!!