01 September 2011

It's 44! With Portland Marathon Race Director Les Smith & Co.

Hilarity and best behavior ensue when the 3 Non Joggers welcome to MailmanOne Studios, THE Portland Marathon Race Director, Les Smith, Course Director, Chris Hardman & Medical Director, Mamie Wheeler.

25 August 2011

It's 43! "Now With Bonus Material"

Hilarity ensues when the 3 NJs go old school - aka, no guests. The Leadville 100 miler, Applebee's, minors, and Mr. Whipple: It's all here. "KAPLOW!" say your eardrums.

18 August 2011

It's 42! I've Got Children, They're Multiplyin'

Hilarity ensues when the 3NJs welcome fellow ultra-nut Deb Bosilevac to MM1 Studios to talk about raising a family and running ultras, Russ introduces yet another character voice he'll never again do, and all 3NJs discuss apes. Talk amongst yourselves.

11 August 2011

It's 41! Grow Up, You Guys!

Hilarity ensues when the 3NJs look over their shoulders when welcoming a pair of teenagers into MailmanOne. Carl The Mailman gets put in his place. Gary The Vale dresses up for the guests... that last part was sarcasm.

04 August 2011

It's #40! Gary's Moment in the Sun

Hilarity ensues when the 3NJs take a week off and Gary rocks the mike in his short but sweet new "podcast" entitled "Gary's Moment In The Sun". With his own theme song, even.

28 July 2011

It's 39! "No Meat For Old Men"

Hilarity ensues when the 3 NJs welcome back elite ultra runner Yassine Diboun down to Mailman 1 Studios to (barely) talk veganism and 100 mile racing, Carl The Mailman introduces a new contest for listeners, and Gary The Vale geeks out. All in a good night's work.

21 July 2011

It's 38: We're A Bunch of Little Angels

Hilarity ensues when 3NJs welcome elite ultra runner Amy Sproston back to the show, Carl cuts back on swearing, Gary manages to not geek out, and Russ pronounces the guest's name correctly. There's a first time for everything, people.