24 February 2011

Numbah 20

Hilarity ensues as the 3NJs discuss their various personal best race times, Gary (the) Vale manages to get in trouble with Russ' wife, and all 3 of the NJs consume now-illegal, caffienated, malt liquor products. Sounds about right.

17 February 2011


Hilarity ensues on 3NJs as Russ carries on (and on) about road closures on the way to a run and then exposes his deep-seated body image issues; Gary and Russ chat about the reasons why they run ultra distances, and Carl pronounces his disdain for social networking. FEED THE NEED, LISTENERS!

15 February 2011

3 NJs: The interview

Our first piece of "press"!

The 3 NJs were lucky enough to be interviewed by the lovely n' talented Gretchen over at DailyadventuresGretch:

Click here for the interview!

10 February 2011

It's 18!

Hilarity ensues when 3NJs cover the topic of running injuries, welcome special guest Charles Replogle to the basement studio, and giggle on and on about bowel movements. Yes, we are 13 years old.

04 February 2011


Look at what you've helped us accomplish - we are the top third new and noteworthy podcast in Sports and Recreation on iTunes!

Thank you for your listens and votes, everyone! Keep on non-jogging!

03 February 2011

It's 17 - BAM! We just blew your minds.

Hilarity ensues when 3 NJs (attempt to) talk about movies with running scenes in them, Gary (the) Vale reveals his packed weekly schedule, and Carl's "This Week in Jogging News!" gets, well...weird. Or weird-ER, anyway.