28 July 2011

It's 39! "No Meat For Old Men"

Hilarity ensues when the 3 NJs welcome back elite ultra runner Yassine Diboun down to Mailman 1 Studios to (barely) talk veganism and 100 mile racing, Carl The Mailman introduces a new contest for listeners, and Gary The Vale geeks out. All in a good night's work.

21 July 2011

It's 38: We're A Bunch of Little Angels

Hilarity ensues when 3NJs welcome elite ultra runner Amy Sproston back to the show, Carl cuts back on swearing, Gary manages to not geek out, and Russ pronounces the guest's name correctly. There's a first time for everything, people.

14 July 2011

54 Bleeps Can't Be Wrong

Hilarity ensues when the 3 NJs lead a triumphant return to your ears: Russ eases back into the host chair, GtV covers 100 mile race results, and Carl the Mailman dons a bathrobe and pajama bottoms. THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN.

01 July 2011

It's 36!

Hilarity ensues when the 3 NJs welcome back John The Intern to check in on his (lack of) training, Russ gets all "Eye Of The Tiger" up in this piece, and Carl the Mailman talks about a dog that lost his job. What were you expecting, Shakespeare or something?