30 December 2010

our twelfth

Hilarity ensues when Gary is busted for receiving a text during the podcast, Gary and Carl try to carry the show while Russ answers HIS phone, and Russ isn't quite sure he even knows special in-studio guest Nick Zubach.

23 December 2010


Hilarity ensues when Gary fantasizes about getting Carl the Mailman to run, Russ yammers for 5 minutes on waiting for a package, and all 3NJs discuss where to best dump a body.

BONUS: As a holiday-gift to all of you non-joggers out there, 3NJs have decided to let you in on a wee secret: If you haven't been listening to each podcast through until the very end, do so. At the end of each episode, Carl The Mailman has tucked away "easter egg" sound ups from the episode. Enjoy!

18 December 2010

Twitter our asses!

Yeah, yeah, it's 2008 all over again - we're on Twitter! Now you can follow our every thought, movement, action, jog, trail report, or rant at 3nonjoggers on Twitter (no spaces in the name).

We'll put a link over there -------> on the website, but be warned: Carl has access to the Twitter feed, so you might not be reading about "jogging" all of the time.

16 December 2010

Our tenth!

Episode 10: Hilarity ensues when ultra-running superstar Yassine Diboun joins the 3NJs, Gary The Vale's product review gets a proper mocking, and Carl The Mailman opens up his sack...of listener mail.

13 December 2010

Download us from this link!

Since iTunes (hereafter referred to as "iSuck" and other angry monickers) is STILL giving us issues, we can point you, our valiant listeners, to our "host" site:

Download! Ta da!

You can download any and all episodes of 3NJs from there until we get back up on the iSuck. And for our listeners who don't have iLame, here's your chance to finally download us!

Oh, and Friday: Another special guest pops by Russ' basement to sit in. Ohhh, wonder who it is...well, we don't. We know who it is. You keep wondering.

10 December 2010

It's 9!

Hilarity ensues when ultra-running champion Amy Sproston joins 3 Non Joggers: Russ drops the ball from the get-go, Carl The Mailman says "Konnichiwa" to listener mail from Japan, and Gary (The) Vale finally masters the internet...just kidding about that last part.

07 December 2010

Shhhh...don't tell anyone. Actually, wait. Check that. Tell EVERYONE!

This upcoming Friday's podcast boasts our first guest! Hilarity will ensue, as always, as 3 NJs interview one of the fastest female ultra-runners in the U.S.!

Stay tuned. Well, not "tuned". As we've discussed, we're a podcast, not a radio show. But you already know that.

06 December 2010

iTunes woes

Sorry folks: We know that we aren't findable on iTunes (thanks for the emails!), but we're rectifying that as this is being typed. In fact, we might be back up already.

Dealio is: iTunes is a glitchy land. We changed a few things about the podcast with them, so we got put back in the queue to be approved, which we already were. There's a waiting period, which is what we're sitting on, but we WILL be back within the next few days.

Thanks for being patient! As always, you can listen to us ri'cheer until then!

- 3NJs

02 December 2010

Ocho (that's 8...right?)

Hilarity ensues when Carl The Mailman exposes his disdain for Christmas music, Gary (The) Vale still struggles as to how to use a microphone, and Russ invents a stalker from a simple listener email.

26 November 2010

This is our 7th

Hilarity ensues when 3 Non Joggers decide to implement a "swear jar", Carl does his mailman-thing and opens some listener mail, and Gary butchers a line of dialogue from "Star Wars". Somewhere in there, there's plenty of running-talk!

19 November 2010

Numero 6

By the way, episode 6 is currently available on iTunes, although we're having some tech issues (as in, we don't know how to deal with iTunes yet), so if you search "3 non joggers" (remember to add the spaces between the words), episode 6 will pull up in your options to download.

Hilarity ensues when 3 Non Joggers are joined by an in-studio audience of 2. Gary gets charged a fee every time he speaks too loudly into the microphone, and Carl The Mailman's newest creation - "The Mike Henry" sound effect - is used with reckless abandon.

Keep on non-jogging!

11 November 2010

Our Fifth

Hilarity ensues when 3 Non Joggers discuss their favorite pieces of equipment, Gary discovers the wonder that is the "internet", and Carl's first segment of "This Week in Jogging News" tears apart Jared from Subway. It's like a 6 foot sub of awesomeness delivered to your computer.

07 November 2010

Our Fourth

Hilarity ensues when 3 Non Joggers discuss their 3 various states of gimpiness, a Christopher Cross song is sung and dissected (for some reason), and Carl The Mailman opens up and shares a mailman story. About a rooster.

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30 October 2010

Our Third

Hilarity ensues when Gary unfurls the mysterious growth he's having removed, Russ talks about coming back from injuries, and Carl The Mailman reveals his "safe word".

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Our Second

Hilarity ensues when Russ can't figure out how to merely start the second episode of 3 Non Joggers, and Russ and Gary take a "jog" down memory lane to discuss when they first began distance running. Carl could care less.

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The First

Hilarity ensues when 3 Non Joggers try to figure out how to podcast about distance running, come up with the podcast name LIVE ON AIR, and Carl The Mailman and Gary establish their - ahem- "dynamic". Russ also says the word "uh" 6,843 times. Feel free to use it as a drinking game!

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