31 March 2011

It's twenty five!

Hilarity ensues when the 3 NJ's discuss their favorite running blogs, Carl The Mailman drops a special added bonus into your iTunes box, and Russ desecrates the holy name of the founder of Nike. It just got real, yo.

24 March 2011

It's 24!

Hilarity ensues when Gary (the) Vale marches out spring product reviews, Carl The Mailman reveals his past shoe obsession, and Russ reveals a past acquaintance's shoe...fetish. Um, ew.

17 March 2011

It's 23

Hilarity ensues when 2 Non Joggers give Russ (Benedict Arnold) the business about appearing on other podcasts, Gary forgets he’s recording a show, and John The Intern & CTM reminisce about a gym teacher wearing bike shorts. Use your ears to listen, people.

16 March 2011

Spreadin' our wings, baby

We've been lucky enough to get the 3 Non Joggers love out there on two different resources:

Russ appears as a guest on Geeks in Running Shoes, and The Beer Runner breaks it down at Draft Magazine as well.

Thanks to both of these fine gents for the support and excellent jobs. NON-JOG ON!

10 March 2011

Number twenty two

Hilarity ensues when The 3 Non Joggers attempt to land the host of "Never Not Funny" podcast, Jimmy Pardo, as a guest. Gary the Vale finally figures out Twitter (a bit too well), and CTM threatens to leave the show.

05 March 2011

Yes, we (heart) the internet

FINALLY, we're active on facebook. "Like" us...LOVE us. WE NEED TO KNOW YOU LOVE US, WE WILL NOT BE IGNORED!

Our facebook fan page - POW!

03 March 2011

It's 21

Hilarity ensues as 3 Non Joggers crack open a bottle of scotch, Russ and Gary (the) Vale talk about running basics and - I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down...down into my belly...