27 January 2011

It's 16!

Hilarity ensues when the 3 NJs attempt to stop interrupting one another, Carl brings back "This Week in Jogging News", and the 3 NJs welcome to the basement Alice Diffely, Portland's Chi Running instructor, to talk about running form. It's fun for the entire non-jogging family!

20 January 2011

It's 15

Hilarity ensues when the 3 NJs celebrate the final episode of season 1: Russ sings a favorite 80s sitcom theme song and discovers that Carl texts during the podcast, and G to the V does his "thing". Yet again. Unreal.

13 January 2011

It's 14: A Very Explicit Visit With 3 NJs

Hilarity ensues when the 3 NJs read a round of listener mail. Russ and Gary also debate who will be named ultra-runner of the year, and Gary unfurls his new, fan-suggested segment...ALONE.

06 January 2011

Ol' lucky 13

Hilarity ensues when the 3 Non Joggers are informed of Gary's internet dating, Carl The Mailman reminisces about his favorite podcast moment from 2010, and all 3 NJs discover a new derivation for the word "carnal". THE MAGIC IS BACK, PEOPLE!