26 November 2010

This is our 7th

Hilarity ensues when 3 Non Joggers decide to implement a "swear jar", Carl does his mailman-thing and opens some listener mail, and Gary butchers a line of dialogue from "Star Wars". Somewhere in there, there's plenty of running-talk!

19 November 2010

Numero 6

By the way, episode 6 is currently available on iTunes, although we're having some tech issues (as in, we don't know how to deal with iTunes yet), so if you search "3 non joggers" (remember to add the spaces between the words), episode 6 will pull up in your options to download.

Hilarity ensues when 3 Non Joggers are joined by an in-studio audience of 2. Gary gets charged a fee every time he speaks too loudly into the microphone, and Carl The Mailman's newest creation - "The Mike Henry" sound effect - is used with reckless abandon.

Keep on non-jogging!

11 November 2010

Our Fifth

Hilarity ensues when 3 Non Joggers discuss their favorite pieces of equipment, Gary discovers the wonder that is the "internet", and Carl's first segment of "This Week in Jogging News" tears apart Jared from Subway. It's like a 6 foot sub of awesomeness delivered to your computer.

07 November 2010

Our Fourth

Hilarity ensues when 3 Non Joggers discuss their 3 various states of gimpiness, a Christopher Cross song is sung and dissected (for some reason), and Carl The Mailman opens up and shares a mailman story. About a rooster.

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