27 January 2011

It's 16!

Hilarity ensues when the 3 NJs attempt to stop interrupting one another, Carl brings back "This Week in Jogging News", and the 3 NJs welcome to the basement Alice Diffely, Portland's Chi Running instructor, to talk about running form. It's fun for the entire non-jogging family!


  1. Good thing I don't listen to you guys while I'd run; I'd be laughing too hard.

    Good stuff on Chi running. Almost... helpful. Weird.

  2. Hi gentlemen! I really enjoyed this interview! I've seen Chi running come up on Amazon book suggestions many times, and mentioned in Runner's World, but I've never truly researched the topic. The concepts make so much sense, and your interview style was very effective.

    I've listened to two of the episode now, and thoroughly enjoy them! You may meander at times, but it's free, so why not? I hope that as runners/joggers yourselves you can get the audience involved in some competitions, or call-ins. You seem very knowledgeable, and plan to learn a lot from your entertaining podcast!

  3. I fear I'm becoming that "fanatical fan," but don't worry, I won't be stalking you any time soon.

    That being said, this episode was really informative. I was running while listening to it and found myself trying to incorporate some of Alice's tips. Keep up the good work, guys.